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1. Set goals.  Setting both monetary and participation goals is a critical step in setting expectations throughout the organization and creates a common cause.  United Way will help you calculate goals that are reasonable for our community and our workforce.

2.  Set a schedule. Publicize it, and stick to it.  Let everyone know ahead of time what events and meetings are planned, when pledges are due, and when totals will be announced. Folks are more likely to turn in their pledge forms when the campaign doesn’t drag on so long that the whole thing becomes a distant memory.

3. Work with a committee.  Feedback we have received from Employee Campaign Coordinators says that assembling a committee to organize the United Way workplace campaign is one of the most important ways to guarantee a more successful fundraising effort. It spreads the labor, contributes to building a team atmosphere, and produces more creativity.

4. Have a visible role for executives and management.  Make sure all employees know that the United Way campaign is supported by management, all the way to the top.  Arrange for the CEO to speak in the lunch room.  Have CEO and management sign e-mails and letters that go out to all employees expressing support for the campaign.

5. Have visible roles for labor leaders.  If your workforce is unionized, make sure to involve labor leaders in United Way campaign activities in the same way as executives and management.

6. Emphasize giving through payroll deductions.  Giving through payroll deductions is the easiest way for most employees to make the biggest impact they can.

7. Let United Way help you.  We are ready to help you conduct your employee campaign in a number of ways.  We can:

  • Lend you a campaign video.
  • Come and talk to your employees.
  • Arrange for an agency representative to talk to your employees.
  • Arrange for tours of our partner agencies for your employees.
  • Respond to any questions, concerns, or comments that might arise among your employees.
  • Provide success stories.
  • Provide Power Point presentations that can be e-mailed to staff.

 8. Motivate employees
Whether or not we admit it, we all respond to incentives.  Knowing that you are “doing good” is nice.  Knowing that you are doing good AND have a chance to win an extra vacation day is even nicer.  Here are some ways to motivate your employees:


Try to personally hand out pledge forms – don’t simply put them in with paychecks

 9. Encourage Leaders in Giving.  Couples and individuals who give $750 or more become members of our Leaders in Giving.  There are 3 levels in this category:
  • Bronze      $750 - $1,124
  • Silver         $1,125 - $1,499
  • Gold          $1,500 - and up
If your organization has a number of people who are prospective Leaders in Giving, you may want to conduct a separate Leaders in Giving campaign.  Recruit a well-respected member of senior staff or management to partner with you to identify potential donors and hold a separate meeting for these individuals. We can help you with this.
Remind potential donors that it’s easier than they might think to give at the leadership level.  For example, one spouse gets paid twice a month (24 pay checks), and the other spouse gets paid every other week (26 checks). If they each deduct $15 per pay period, their total gift is $750, which is a leadership-level gift.
10. Thank Everybody and Celebrate your success.  Thank everyone, whether or not they chose to give this year. 
  • Send an e-mail or letter from you or your CEO to all employees to thank them and to report results.
  • Hand out candy or other small tokens.