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About Generation Freedom
Generation Freedom is a nonpartisan campaign founded by the country’s leading anti-trafficking experts to inspire historic American leadership to break the back of human trafficking and modern slavery.

We’re calling on individuals to sign our petition urging the next president to fight human trafficking making it a global priority:

Any and everyone who wants to be Commander-in-Chief needs to commit to ending human trafficking. The next president must use the power of the Oval Office to eradicate modern slavery here at home – and around the world. We believe that America can do better. The richest and most powerful country in the world can and should do more to take on human trafficking.

Our platform aims to:
● Use all the powers of the Presidency global priority.
● Urge the President to allocate $3 billion (USD) in U.S. federal budget investments to fight human trafficking.
● Ensure our tax dollars don’t support modern slavery.
● Leverage access to US markets to free people.
● Support business incentives to hold supply chains accountable.
● Protection, inclusion, and support for all victims of human trafficking.
● Foster accountability and learning through measurement.
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